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First, register on, then visit the upload page to paste your publication data as Bibtex.

How it works? parses Bibtex files and uses bibtexbrowser to produce nice publication lists and expose bibliographic metadata to the web. What you have to do is simply creating a bibtex file with your editor of choice, for instance the excellent tool Jabref. Then you upload your list using the web interface, and voila!

What is the URL of my publication list?


Within one year, what is the order of references?

The alphabetical order of bibtex keys. See also the option publicationstyle in the next question.

Can I tailor my publication list?

You can add your full name, your institution/address using @string:

@STRING{whoami = {Martin Monperrus}}
@STRING{whereami = {University of Darmstadt<br/>Germany}}

By default, your publication list is presented in a chronological order. You may also try a different presentation (book/articles/workshop papers/misc) with:

@STRING{publicationstyle = {AcademicDisplay}}

Can I display a subset of publications?

Yes, using bibtexbrowser queries.
For instance:,,

Is there a RSS feed of my publications?

Yes. It is

What kind of bibliographic metadata does provide?

So far, OpenURL COinS (supported by Zotero and Mendeley) and Google Scholar Metadata. If you would like another one, don’t hesitate to tell us.

How to embed my publication list in another page?

There are two ways:

1) either you fetch the content (HTML with no header) of (e.g. $data = file_get_contents('');)

2) or you add in HTML:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

In both cases, you may create a CSS style sheet to change the look’n'feel of your publication list, which is structured with CSS classes.

Is it possible to upload my bibtex file programatically?

Yes, using HTTP Digest authentication. Here is command line which uses curl to upload ”publications.bib”.

curl -v --digest -u username:password --data-urlencode bibtex@publications.bib ""

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