Collaboratively writing papers using git

When you create a new paper, a Git repository is automatically created at Git is a version control system such as CVS or Subversion/SVN. A new paper receives a unique identifer (for instance u4df48faf3b7f5), and this identifier forms the URL of the Git repository for cloning, pushing and pulling. The Git repository is protected with your username/password.

Note: the Git repository and the paper are not yet synchronized together. They are two different papers. We are working on this.

Git paper repositories can be managed using graphical interfaces or with the command line. The following interfaces are popular:

With the command line:

# cloning the paper repository (replace username with you own username)
$ git clone
Cloning into u4df48faf3b7f5...
Username: martin
Password: xxxxxxxx

# modifying the paper
$ emacs paper.tex # or your favorite text or latex editor

# recompiling the paper
$ pdflatex paper

# commiting the changes and pushing the changes into
$ git commit -a -m "changed the author"
$ git push origin master

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